#WorldOceansDay #DiaMundialdelosOceanos

Gente de Vallarta, Bahía de Banderas y turistas del mundo, hoy en el día de los oceanos proponganse hacer algo por protegerlos.
Reduzcan su uso de plásticos, no usen popotes, carguen un termo y no compren aguas enbotelladas, dejen limpias las playas cuando las visiten, prefieran negocios que han reducido su uso de plásticos.
Si seguimos como vamos, en el 2050, habrá más plásticos que peces en el oceano. Continue reading


Activism & Frustration

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We all have friends who passionately stand for a cause. They even leave their rest for later or stop doing things they have to do in order to work for that cause. I have friend like that too! I have a friend Moni: She posts and motivates her friends to try the vegan lifestyle. Another friend, Corinne: She tries to make people get aware and interested in the artistic work of women who paint, write, compose and that have been minimized by history. Another friend, Silvia: She invites people to join protesting marches against corrupt politicians or against social injustices. I can list more friends as well, but unfortunately there are not that many.

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