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Spiderman Homecoming, my review

Spiderman is a teen movie that recovers the spirit of the character that Stan Lee created

My brother and his wife haven’t been to the Cinepolis VIP movie theathers at La Isla and they wanted to pay it a visit last wednesday when they had a 2X1 promo. The original idea was to go and watch Despicable Me 3 . I told them that it was highly unprobable to get tickets available as there is a limited number of seats (or should I say couches) at that cinema. I was in fact right, so we were already there. I asked the clerk how much were the Spiderman Homecoming’s tickets for thursday and she told me it was that night at 12:15am. I convinced the rest of my family to stay overnight and watch the premiere. We went to my mom’s place to eat some pizza and came back at midnight to watch the movie. Although everybody, except my grandma and me were nearly sleeping, we all agreed it was a great movie.

When Stan Lee created his character Spiderman, he wanted him to be the first teen superhero in a world of adults. It’s true there were already some teen superheroes such as Robin or Bucky, but they were sidekicks of big heroes. Stan Lee wanted Spiderman to be the main hero and suffer from teen crisis, homework problems, girl dramas and school bullying while fighting adult villains obsessed with adult stuff such as power and money. Spiderman homecoming is great before it trully brings the spirit of that Spiderman. So before being a super hero movie, it’s a Teen Movie. and a very fun one, just like in the 60’s comics.

However there are some changes more suitable for this era. The multicultural wave is present, but it’s cool, it’s a school in New York. Flash Thompson is Indian now and Peter Parker has a crush on a brown sugar cutie, and that’s fine with me. I felt ackward in the beggining and I guess some core fans will be ranting about this.  Aunt May, or just May here, is a hot aunt, with all the neighbors having a crush on her.

The villain Vulture by Michael Keaton is the best thing that could happen to the Marvel’s Spiderman Cinematic Universe. The Vulture wants to make something big but he is still a local villain in the neighborhood. That local touch (Plus the plot twist at the end) is nice. I loved how tasty you by where you can see Keaton’s great ability to be a hateful, but adorable dog. One of the best of all the MCU, I repeat.

– Iron Man does not get in the way. Miracle! In fact your character also seen from the local point is like your father who lives in another city, your Aunt Jon Favreau arrives to give you complaints, scolds you and punishes you away, but in the end is the father that God gave you.

-Tom Holland. I will not say much, just that he is a great Spidey and a very good Peter Parker.

-The film is fun, fulfills the task of integrating one of the most famous superheroes in the world to a film universe that should have started with him and also here the jokes do work because Peter Parker is 15! There are cameos, there are many references, heroes and villains and hidden, references nerds and more. What comic-book lovers like with what the boys are beating about; Has a great balance. Go with the whole family if you want or go alone, you pissed off. They are going to enjoy it

¡Números en torno a este cumpleaños!

A la vez que soy un gran nostálgico por los “viejos tiempos” tengo una fascinación latente por los números. Quizá se debe al artista y al ingeniero que llevo dentro de mi. Y ahora con motivo de mi cumpleaños me doy a la tarea de reflexionar un poco sobre varias de las cosas que he vivido ahora que cumplo 38 años de edad. 

  • 38 vueltas al Sol ☀️
  • 1,981 Martes de Chuck Norris 👊🏼
  • 13,870 atardeceres 🌅
  • 1,397,900,000 latidos de mi corazón 💗
  • 521 veces que vi “En Familia con Chabelo”📺
  • 1 vez que vi el cometa Halley ☄
  • 4 accidentes en auto mientras manejaba 🚙
  • 3 accidentes en moto mientras manejaba 🏍
  • 22 países visitados 👳🏾💂🏻
  • 146 ciudades visitadas🏃🏾
  • 14% del planeta habitable explorado 🌎
  • 547 días desde que dejé de comer carne de res y cerdo 🐄🐖
  • 2,215 amigos en Facebook 👤
  • 12,710 followers en Twitter 👤
  • 1 cirugía de ojos 👁
  • 8 novias💆
  • 8,000+ personas a las que les he dado alguna clase de baile💃
  • 3 mascotas mamiferas en mi vida 🐕🐈
  • 30+ mascotas acuáticas en mi vida 🐢🐠
  • 1 hermano 👶🏻
  • 3 autos 🚗
  • 4 motocicletas 🏍
  • 14 amorios con chicas de otro país 👄
  • 5 árboles adultos plantados 🌴🌲
  • 5 veces que he visto una tortuga marina poner huevos 🐢
  • 0 veces que he visto un fantasma 👻
  • 0 veces que he visto un extraterrestre 👽
  • 0 veces que he visto al Atlas ganar un campeonato ⚽️
  • 1960 pokemones atrapados 🐲
  • 727 niveles de Candy Crush completados 🍬
  • 21 años de estudios académicos 📚
  • 20 años de bailar 👯
  • 4 idiomas hablados de manera pasable 🇪🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷🇵🇹
  • 1 salto de Bungee Jump 😱
  • 52 personas hospedadas con Couchsurfing 💼
  • 1169 seguidores en Instagram 👤
  • 252 publicaciones en mi blog ✏️
  • 30+ veces que lloré porque alguien se fué.😢
  • 2,000 piezas del rompecabezas más grande que he armado. 🤓
  • 2 veces invicto en el concurso de alumnos de Salsa Shines 💃
  • 1 sola vez campeón nacional de Rueda de Casino
  • 1 vez campeón nacional del Intercolegial TVAzteca-Berol
  • 2 veces le gané a mi hermano en un one-on-one en el Basketball 🏀
  • 52 horas duré una vez sin dormir 😴
  • 12 horas una vez bailé en un día 😵
  • 3 materias troné en la carrera universitaria 😔
  • 10.0 fué mi promedio en 3ro de Secundaria. 🙄
  • 102 meses duré con mi academia de baile
  • 1 vez pasé una materia de Ingeniería por mis conocimientos de los Simpsons.

¡Uffff! Y lo que me falta por vivir….
Esto es un poco de lo que he hecho y vivido a mis 38 años. Es mucho o poco dependiendo la persona que lo mire. A diferencia de otros, no me da vergüenza decir mi edad porque es sólo una marca numérica de todo lo que he vivido con gusto, y si pudiera, lo volvería a vivir. Incluso viviría creo las cosas no tan agradables porque han sido parte de la persona que soy y el carácter que tengo. Así que sin más preambulo… ¡Feliz Cumpleaños a mi!

Batsignal will be displayed today as a tribute to Adam West

DC Comics & the Mayor of L.A. celebrate the Bright Knight with a tribute to Adam West (The First Batman on TV who recently died of Leucemia) in Los Angeles California today at 9pm (local time). The Batsignal will be turn on for the first time.

DC Comics y La alcaldía de L.A. celebran al Caballero brillante con un tributo a Adam West (El primer actor en TV de Batman que recientemente murió de Leucemia) en Los Angeles California hoy a las 9pm (hora local). La batiseñal será encendida por primera vez.

More info:

Thor: Ragnarok, Or What It’s Like to Watch the Whole World Cheer As Your Favorite Franchise Is Burned to the Ground

This blog totally summarizes my feelings about the new Thor 3 Trailer. Though I am excited this will be the Thor movie that everybody is going to love.


We Minored in Film

Well, I certainly underestimated things.

Like the millions of other people around the world, I watched the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer yesterday. However, I watched it just the one time in the morning and didn’t give it a second thought. As the day progressed, my social media feed was inundated with Ragnarok buzz, and by the end of the day just about every single pop culture site had published their mandatory deep dive into every second of the trailer. THR was left struggling to glean some lesson from the trailer’s record-breaking success, deducing that earning 136 million views in 24 hours (the best debut for any Disney movie trailer) probably means people….um….umm…..

Have missed Thor and Hulk since their two-year, post-Age of Ultron absence, minus Thor’s Doctor Strange cameo?

Have really missed Loki since 2013’s The Dark World?

Totally dig that someone finally thought to put Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”…

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Gods from many cultures drew as Comic book Superheroes

  • Gods from many cultures drew as Comic book Superheroes. I loved these drawings that I found on internet. The credit belongs totally to the unknown author.
  • Dioses de muchas culturas dibujados como Superheroes de Comics. Me encantaron estos dibujos que encontré en internet. El crédito le pertenece totalmente al autor desconocido.
  • Dieux de nombreuses cultures dessinées comme Superheroes Comics. J’ai adoré ces images que j’ai trouvé sur internet. Le crédit lui appartient auteur complètement inconnu.
  • Deuses de muitas culturas desenhados como Superheroes do Comics. Eu amei estas imagens que encontrei na internet. O crédito pertence a ele autor completamente desconhecido.

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